Prof.Dr.Ahmet Bekar

Curriculum Vitae

He was born in 1959, Alanya, Antalya.He completed his Primary, Secondary and High School Education in Alanya.

He graduated from Uludağ University , Faculty of Medicine in 1983.He completed compulsary duty as a business physician at Mechanical and Chemical Industry Co. He graduated from Uludag University as a Specialist in Neurosurgery in 1993.He fullfilled his military service at Malatya Military Hospital in 2 months. After he had worked as a Specialist in Uludağ University Department of Neurosurgery in 1993, he became an Assistant Professor in the same clinic in 1995. He received a month’s training on the subject of Stereotactic Biopsy and Functional Neurosurgery Education at Istanbul University,Çapa Medical Faculty,Department of Neurosurgery. He participated as an observer at Sheffield Hallamshire University ,Neurosurgery Clinic for a year in 1997.

In 1999, he received three- month period Functional Neurosurgery and Pain and Surgery Training , working with Prof.Dr. Yücel Kanpolat at the Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University.In 2002, He became a Professor of Neurosurgery.In 2003, he studied Epilepsy Surgery with Prof.Dr.Atilla Erdem at Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, The Department of Neurosurgery.He has had published 37 international, 28 local articles so far. He is married and he has got a daughter.

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